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In 1998 a very positive energy line was created in England and Wales.

It started like this.
Two labyrinths have been created. One, a Chartres-type labyrinth, is laid out in the gardens of a castle in Wales. The other labyrinth, a Crete-type labyrinth, is made as a square meter embroidery on the kitchen table of a well-known English dowser. The dowser measured both labyrinths and they both had high energy levels.
Besides the phenomenon "the Peace Network" there are more topics on this website. All of these topics have to do with energy work and are part of my free time activities.

Chartres labyrinth Crete labyrinth
Chartres labyrinth Crete labyrinth
Note: A labyrinth can be imagined as a maze, but without going astray. It is, as it were, a long line or path that is brought together in all kinds of loops. Characteristics of a labyrinth are: energy is generated in it and if you follow or walk a labyrinth, you can get insights and/or ideas.
If one is ready, one can even receive an initiation.

On Easter Saturday 1998, the English dowser has linked both labyrinths, which are 200 km/125 miles apart, on a detailed map along a ruler and through the power of thought. Measurements outside have shown that an energy has started running between the two labyrinths. This energy did not run in a straight line through the landscape as expected, but the energy line found meandered across the fields. The energy line turned out to be about 60 cm/2 feet wide. Measurements showed that the energy line turned out to be bent towards graveyards and war memorials. The energy line kept making curves to the next villages. The energy was also found at the war memorial in Hereford, England.
Given the behaviour of the energy line, the dowser has connected the energy to the Cenotaph in London. This is a war memorial erected to commemorate the First World War.

The next phase was to connect the energy to the stone circle of the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire. One of the guardians of this stone circle was pleased with the new power that has breathed new life into the stone circle.
This is also our own experience. In 1991 and 1996 I visited this very old, beautiful and powerful stone circle with my wife. Our next visit to the Rollright Stones was in 2000. The energy of this stone circle had indeed changed, it felt fresher and more powerful.

Further research by the dowser revealed that the energy of the new energy line brought peace and tranquility to cemeteries.
For this reason the energy will have been given the name "the Peace Network", but also because the main ingredients of the energy consist of unconditional love and cosmic energy.

The dowser has published his experiences in the June and December 1999 issues of the "Earth Energies Group of the British Society of Dowsers" magazines. He told in it, that because of the increased hostilities on the world stage, he has connected the energy with places where important decisions were made in the field of war and peace.

Since 2001, the knowledge about the Peace Network has ended up in the Netherlands. As an energy worker and dowser, I immediately started working with the energy of the Peace Network and invited this energy into our own home. It turned out that under the influence of the energy of the Peace Network, disturbances by water courses and other negative interference lines, reduced and extra energy was added. The house came into a much more positive energy.

The Peace Network follows its own path through the landscape, it is an egg-shaped energy flow about 60 cm / 2 feet wide and 90 cm / 3 feet high. When the Peace Network enters a certain space (home or workplace, etc.), an energy vortex will be created in front of the threshold, with which the Peace Network is additionally fed from the cosmos. Beyond the threshold, the Peace Network widens to the entire space and fills it completely. On the other side of the room, the Peace Network will leave the room again and then a nourishing vortex will arise behind the threshold again. Somewhere in the house, this is usually in a corner, a vortex is created, which dissipates waste energy. to the earth. Ultimately, a house will be filled to the rafters or ceiling with the new energy.

Through research in homes and workplaces, I have discovered that there are many forms of energy disruption. The Peace Network can provide a solution in almost all places and neutralize the various types of disruptions.

A few examples besides the aforementioned water courses and other negative interference lines are disturbances by electrical appliances in the house, such as old televisions and older computer CRT monitors, microwave ovens, clock radios with large red or green illuminated numbers. Also consider: smartphones, wireless home telephones (DECT), WiFi devices, bluetooth, smart equipment and all other wireless equipment, including keyboards and computer mice.
Outdoor threats are among others, 3G, 4G, 5G transmitters, radar installations, satellite cell towers, modern wind turbines and high voltage power lines.
Disturbances of these devices are called electrosmog.

People can suffer a lot from negative influences from others, such as quarrels and curses.
Furthermore, wandering souls in a house can cause a lot of unrest and loss of energy. The Peace Network appears to have a good influence on all these energy-consuming disturbances. The presence of the Peace Network significantly improves the energy level in living and working environments.

The importance of our own energy level is enormous. Normally we gather most of our energy in while sleeping. This should be enough to function properly throughout the next day.
If we are busy every day with things that are necessary and that we enjoy, such as work, hobbies and sports, we replenish our energy supply even more. With singing and making music we can strengthen our energy even more.
With all this energy, we can handle situations that drain our energy, such as unpleasant conversations, arguments, shopping in crowded stores, listening to bad news, and being on a full train or in a traffic jam.

When our energy supply is large enough, we can function well in life and we will not get sick quickly. But if we can't get the daily energy we need, we can get into trouble. Causes of energy loss are, for example, water courses, negative interference lines, earth faults, electrosmog and other negative external influences.
Sometimes there are people around us who do not have enough energy themselves. They can suck our own energy. And then it's like a car battery that starts to run out. At a certain point the engine stops starting and in a equal situation we get sick.
Everyone has their own sensitivities and predisposition to certain complaints and illnesses, but a lack of energy ensures that sensitivities become over-sensitivities and we do not want that.
Then it is good that by inviting a positive energy, such as the Peace Network, we can tilt the energy balance in the house to the positive side.

With the presence of the Peace Network in the house, the energy level is raised within four to seven days in such a way that most disturbing factors are neutralized.
In addition to neutralizing negative energy, extra energy is added on top of that. The living experience of a house then becomes much more friendly and pleasant.
You feel more at home in your own house. As a result, all kinds of complaints will decrease. This is because our energy supply will be filled again at a normal level.