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The Peace Network has been brought around the world.

The energy of the Peace Network originated in 1998. Thanks in part to this website about the Peace Network, knowledge of this has grown in the Netherlands within a few years and the energy has been disseminated. The energy of the Peace Network spread smoothly over large parts of Europe and even to places on other continents.

In 2004 we traveled via Thailand to Australia and via Singapore we traveled back to the Netherlands. In these countries, my wife and I have anchored the energy of the Peace Network in several places.

More had to be done, the energy of the Peace Network had to be carried around the world. In 2006 we made a world trip. The journey went from Amsterdam in the Netherlands via Los Angeles (USA), Hawaii, Samoa and Tonga to New Zealand and Australia. The Peace Network was then returned via Hong Kong back to Amsterdam.
This circle was complete.

Pu'uhonua O Honaunau, Hawaii, the Big Island, 2006
Pu'uhonua O Honaunau, Hawaii, the Big Island, 2006

The Earth has gained a new energy line circling our planet. According to the behaviour of the Peace Network itself, it is not a neat straight line, but it is a line that winds over the surface of the earth.
Especially the anchors in the various places that we have installed, ensure that the Peace Network has its footing and can continue to flow well over the earth.

Tnorala, NT, Australia, 2004
Tnorala, NT, Australia, 2004

On our first trip to Australia in 2004, we experienced something remarkable. During our drive from Watarrka (King's Canyon) to Tnorala (Gosses Bluff, comet crater) I got very sick. It turned out that I was greatly influenced by the very bad energy that this crater radiated. The crater was created by a comet impact many thousands of years ago. This impact was primarily a very strong, energetically poisonous injection for the continent of Australia.
Fortunately, it was possible to transform this negative influence using the energy of Peace Network and other positive energies. This worked very quickly and I was able to recover from the toxic influences of Tnorala within an hour.

I have experienced the effect of this energetic turnaround. It also became clear to me that Uluru (Ayers Rock) was opposed by the sickening energy of Tnorala for many thousands of years. The distance between the two places is about 210 km / 130 miles as the crow flies. Incidentally, there are even more disturbances that affect the energy of Uluru.

Uluru is a sacred place for the local Aborigines. We ourselves experience Uluru as a major power place and from October 2004 Uluru was finally able to let its positive energy flow properly.

Uluru, 2006
Uluru, NT, Australia, 2006

With the transformation of the energy of Tnorala, a start was made in 2004 with the detoxification of Australia. There is no continent in the world with so many deadly poisonous plants and animals. Our experience is that people living in Australia can react very "toxic" to their fellow residents.

In 2006 again we travelled through Australia for almost two months. Energetically it felt a lot better than two years before. At Uluru, the increase in positive energy was almost palpable.

However, the work is not finished yet.
It would be ideal if we could return a few more times to cross the continent of Australia from north to south and from east to west. Then we can anchor the energy of the Peace Network wherever it is needed.