Peace Network

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Help us spread the Peace Network for world peace.

We are facing major changes in our lives. Everyone feels it, everyone reacts to it.
This is happening on a large scale and it is happening on a small scale. There are more and more hot spots in the world and people are cramped in their own living environment.
The world needs rest, relaxation and above all peace.

This peace can be liberated above all through light and love. Peace is all around us in the form of the Peace Network and other positive energy forms. We just need to connect our hearts to the energy of the Peace Network and then send this energy, from our hearts, to the earth and all its inhabitants.
Connect with the energy of the Peace Network and forward this energy for peace on earth and for peace and tranquillity in mankind. The cosmos will double the amount of energy transmitted with light, love and peace from the cosmos.

And so it is.

When there is more peace, love, light and peace around us, we can better come to our feelings and deal with them. We can then more easily cope with the irreversible changes in this world.

Thank you for this positive commitment to world peace, people and nature.

ass this Peace Network meditation on to family, friends and acquaintances.
This way we achieve the desired effect faster.