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Orbs and other light phenomena

From the moment I started photographing with a digital camera, I was confronted with a strange phenomenon: the orb.

At first you don't even notice it, but if at a given moment photos are ruined by tens if not hundreds of light phenomena, you can no longer ignore it. If it happens to you when you do a wedding shoot, then that is a complete disaster. You cannot recreate these photos.

Orbs in a ski hall
Orbs in a ski hall

It has been found that most such photos are taken with flash. The first thing one thinks of is a reflection from dust, insects, tiny liquid droplet, rain, ice crystals or the like. But then the effects must be repeatable. In other words, if you are shooting in a room with a lot of dust in the air, then all the photos must be corrupted with orbs or none of them. If you experiment with that, the outcome turns out to be unpredictable.
I have tested a lot myself. One moment a photo can be full and the next moment, under the same conditions, there is nothing strange in a photo.
Even if two people photograph with a digital camera at the same time, one may photograph these phenomena and the other may not.
Just a selection of photos made with orbs: during a didgeridoo concert, in the backyard, on a covered ski slope, in the living room, but I have also seen them, which were made in a crawl space and on the heath, in the forest and above crop circles.

Light phenomenon in a course room
Light phenomenon in a course room

It seems that the light-sensitive chip in a camera can perceive just outside the limits of the light spectrum of the human eye. So it is observed in the ultraviolet and infrared range. These observations are then made visible by the camera, as it were.
Seems like a good explanation. But what do we photograph?

The light phenomena discussed are quite weak in their radiance. You can see different colors in it and a kind of spiral structure can be recognized in it.
However, there is another kind of light phenomenon, these are considerably brighter in their appearance, they even give off a light glow in the dark. However, these phenomena are not always round when photographed. Often a form of movement can be seen in it, so there are more stripe shapes. Usually with flash photos shutter speeds are used that are in the range around 1/30 and 1/60 of a second. These are shutter speeds at which movement becomes visible in photos, in other words, blurring occurs.

Orb with shine in the grass
Orb with shine in the grass

A conversation with a clairvoyant young man led me on a completely different track. He had seen those phenomena in daylight on the street and he had never seen them in pictures. When I showed him pictures of the orbs, he recognised them immediately. He was completely happy, because this showed that he was not crazy. He said that the energy phenomena came into the house and occasionally unrolled into cigar-shaped light phenomena. These phenomena sometimes moved very slowly and sometimes they flashed across a room.

If I occasionally see a small flash of light in the corner of my eye and then take pictures directly, the chance of hitting a photo with a light phenomenon is quite high.

With this description of a strange phenomenon I want to draw attention to this subject, make it a topic for discussion and try to get answers in this mystery.

Do we photograph through the windows to another reality and can we thus take a look into another dimension?

More orbs from the ski hall
More orbs from the ski hall

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