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The Call of Crop Circles

June 1996 my wife and I were in Cornwall, South West England for a holiday. A holiday home in the town of Bodmin was the base for our trips to a number of power centres. We visited places like Men-an-tol, the Lanyon Quoit, the Boscawen-Un stone circles, the Merry Maidens and the Hurlers and power centres like the Cheesewring and St. Michaels Mount. The last three historic sites are part of the St. Michael Ley Line and are described in the book "The Sun and the Serpent" by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst.
On one of the evenings when we were watching the television news in our cottage, a wonderful crop circle was reported somewhere in southern England.

After a two week stay in Cornwall, we planned to drive all the way from Cornwall to Scotland. So that we could gain first impressions for a next and longer holiday to beautiful Scotland.
On the way to Scotland, however, we turned west and entered Wales, for our feeling told us not to drive on to Scotland. After a drive through Wales we ended up in Aberystwyth, a nice town on the Irish Sea. But actually we didn't know what we were doing here, so we drove back to England the next morning along a different route. After a day and a half we were back, where we had taken a turn to Wales. But there were not enough days left to drive via Scotland to Dover, to make the crossing to the mainland in time.

We drove further east and ended up in Glastonbury, a town we had been a few years before. We looked for shelter and a few villages further on we could spend the night on a farm with a B&B. The next morning we were in conversation with the hostess and the topic quickly turned to crop circles. We told what we had seen on television a few days earlier. She knew about it and she went looking for us through the old newspapers. She found a newspaper with a photo and indeed it was the formation we had seen on television. It would become one of the most famous crop circles ever; it was a photo of the DNA double helix found in "the East Field" at Alton Barnes in Wiltshire.

Krant met de dubbele helix, Alton Barnes, 1996
Newspaper with the Double Helix, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, 1996

Now we knew why we couldn't drive on to Scotland. We had found our purpose. We drove right over there. Via the town of Devizes we drove into the Pewsey Vale. Many miles before Alton Barnes, we felt the tremendous amount of positive energy we were getting into. Parked cars and a small bus along a country road showed us the way.
We couldn't get a good view of the formation from the road, so I climbed the hill south of the East Field first, but the view didn't get much better. Finally we went into the field. It felt like we were entering the holiest of holies. The crop circle had called and we finally came home.
This visit was our introduction to the phenomenon of crop circles.

Experiences as a dowser with measuring energy lines and power centres came in handy. Using a pendulum and dowsing rods, I was able to quickly determine that there was more to it than squashed grain. It was a confirmation of the overwhelming feeling this formation gave us along the way.
The crop circle had been there for several days. The many visitors had made a walkway between the many large and smaller circles. The high energy could not be measured in the aisles between the circles, but could be measured in the circles themselves. After taking measurements and after a few conversations with other visitors, I sat down to write in the formation. I wrote down impressions of the formation. It became clear that the formation was a representation of the DNA of a plant, which could act as a medicine against AIDS. This plant must be found in the Amazon region of South America.

Only much later it became clear to us that a crop circle has more to tell than one story and then a story also has a double bottom and often much more. Could this circle affect our own DNA? Or was it a warning for the future?
That same holiday we gained even more energy in the stone circle of the Rollright Stones and on the hills of the Uffington White Horse.

The introduction to the crop circle phenomenon has done us a lot, but in the Netherlands the simple circles did nothing for us. We don't think that was the real deal. We were spoiled already after one crop circle.

In June 2000 we visited Quantock Hills in Somerset. From there we made a very long day to Wiltshire. At Silbury Hill there were two formations in the field and opposite in the field below the West Kennett Long Barrow was another crop circle formation.
We only visited the first two circles. There we had an extensive conversation with an Englishman, who had been trained as an Indian shaman. He told us about all kinds of energies that could be found in crop circles. It was striking that he attached great importance to the presence of crows. When we continued, he told me that there was also a crop circle in "the East Field". We then drove over there. But there was another formation in the same field. Strangely enough, nobody paid attention to that. But this second formation, in the shape of an acorn, was untouched by humans and had a good amount of energy in it. The grain looked messy, and the stalks were bent just below the ears. That's what made this formation so special.

Alton Barnes, East Field, Eikel in 2000
Alton Barnes, East Field, Acorn formation in 2000

That same evening we visited the Barge Inn in the village of Honeystreet for the first time. That was the meeting place of croppies back then. In the crop circle room of the Barge Inn hang the many images of the crop circles that have arisen over the years in Wiltshire.

In the Netherlands we attended lectures about crop circles. Our curiosity was further aroused, but we were still not impressed by the Dutch formations. England, you only had beautiful crop circles there.

At the end of April, beginning of May 2002 we were back in England. It was actually early for crop circle season. But first we went to the Dartmoor in Devon for a week. Again our attention went to a number of power centres mentioned in the book "The Sun and the Serpent". We visited the Brent Tor and the stone formation of the Nine Stones. Later in the week we visited a number of other megalytic structures. These lay deeper in the Dartmoor. Special were some rows of stones and the beautiful Scorhill stone circle.
After a week roaming the Dartmoor we went to Wiltshire for two weeks. But crop circle season started late in this county.
On May 7, we were driving on the road between Devizes and Avebury for the umpteenth time when we saw our first formation in a rapeseed field. Of course we went straight into that, but it makes you filthy. You will look all yellow. For the first time, we were equipped with a pole, so that we could take pictures from six meters / 20 feet high. That was necessary, because the crop had a height of about 180 cm / 6 feet.
It was amazing to see that rapeseed plants in the circles were not snapped but bent, while rapeseed is a relatively fragile plant. We were not the only foreign visitors. In the formation we had a conversation with visitors from Switzerland.

Gewascirkel in een koolzaadveld, 2002
Crop circle in a rapeseed field, 2002

On Knap Hill, overlooking the East Field, we met an Englishman. We spent several hours talking with him.

A Dutch crop circle researcher has enthusiastically encouraged us to visit Dutch crop circles as well. In 2003 we offered him to participate in his researches in the Dutch crop circles.
In the same year we went a few times in search of new formations, which were reported to us, but it always concerned wind damage.

Windschade in een veld bij Uden (NB), 2003
Wind damage in a field near Uden, the Netherlands, 2003

In 2003 a crop circle arose in Geffen near the city of Oss (NB) in July. Was that a coincidence or did we get a present? We heard about the crop circle in Geffen through a friend and immediately reported this to the crop circle researcher. It was the first time we were in a crop circle with him.
Again a crop circle called us and we listened.

Graancirkel in Geffen (NB), 2003
Crop Circle in Geffen, the Netherlands, 2003

Since 2004, together with the crop circle researcher, we have visited the crop circles in the Netherlands as much as possible. Each time in the crop circles my attention went to new energies that were present there, but also to old energies as Ley lines. It seems that these Ley lines are needed to support the creation of crop circles. But the reverse can also be the case. Energy will then flow from the crop circles into the network of Ley lines. A new development was the discovery in the first 2005 formation in Hoeven (NB). I found the Peace Network in this tremendously charged crop circle.
The Peace Network entered the formation, looped, and exited the circle via the same route.

Many people are concerned with what the crop circles as pictograms can tell us. Few people are actually researching crop circles. Our part is measuring the energies, in order to gain insight into the phenomenon of crop circles. With this we want to contribute to explaining the mystery of the crop circles.

An important question remains: who called us?