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This website www.vredeslijn.nl brings together information that is new to many people. This information partly comes from historical sources, partly the information is a collection of experiences from everyday life.

The purpose of this website is to exchange information and experiences. For many there are new insights. The reader is often addressed on feelings, because the information often goes beyond the boundaries of what can be explained. At the same time, the reader is stimulated to do something with it. The feeling will then indicate whether one can give this information a place in one's own life.

This site was not built to impose anything on the reader; it leaves the reader to choose whether or not to do something with it.
Readers who do not agree with this information should better leave it for what it is.

This website has been compiled with care. Any liability for inaccuracies, omissions and possible consequences of acting on the basis of this information is excluded.

Self-made photos have been used as much as possible. If there is any use of image material that is not royalty-free, please report this so that these images can be removed.